Booking prices from $240 per night
(breakfast inclusive)

Good to know


14:00 – 20:00 hours


Before 11:00 am

  • Augusta is 42 km from the property
  • Yallingup is 35 km from the property
  • Dunsborough is 37 km from the property
  • Busselton is 42km from the property
Room sizes:

30 m²


Cancellation and pre-payment policies do apply. Please check the room conditions when selecting your room above.

Extra beds: The rooms can only accommodate two adults and there is no provision for extra beds in the rooms.


 Pets are not allowed.

Cards accepted at this property:

Visa, MasterCard only

House Rules:
  • Reservations are confirmed by payment in advance.
  • The ‘Studio Guest Suites’ accommodate a maximum of 2 adults and is ideally a couples suite.
  • Check in – Any time between 2 and 8pm
  • Check out times – Relax! You have until 11am
  • Fees and charges apply to cancellations and room rescheduling.
  • The Studio Guest Suites interior & surrounds are Non Smoking.
  • Pets are not permitted.
How To Make A Booking:

Call Katie on 0418 945 185 or fill out the Booking Enquiry form to get started.

Booking Enquiry